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Shifting how people engage with their work, their teams, their customers, and—maybe most importantly—with themselves.



Dr. Eric Solomon has been working at the intersection of psychology, technology, creativity, culture, and business for nearly 30 years.

Eric has held executive leadership positions for the top technology brands in the world, including YouTube, Spotify, and Instagram.


Now, he builds, installs, and updates human operating systems for companies, teams, and their leaders. (And, no, he doesn't always look as polished as this picture suggests.) 

The world runs on operating systems, whether we realize it or not.

The goal of any technology operating system (OS) is to support functions that enable more complex things to happen. Without an OS, we can't write an email, stream a Netflix show, or play Candy Crush. 

A Human OS™ serves as the blueprint that encodes how foundational details—things that other people call vision, values, mission, personality, and positioning—propagate through everything we do, from internal behaviors, processes, and communication to external messaging and real-world actions. 

Building, installing, and updating a Human OS™ enables you to align what you say you're going to do with what you actually do. 

And that is exactly what it means to be successful today. As a business or as a human being. 

Contact Eric directly to learn more about The Human OS™ and to discuss how we can partner on at least one of the following:

  1. Education (60- to 90-minute talks)

  2. Inspiration (half- or full-day workshops)

  3. Activation (building, installing your Human OS™)

  4. Installation (retained service across your operations)


I have had the honor of supporting some of the world's most well-respected brands and businesses across a wide range of industries.




CR Talks

Speaker, Storytelling in the Machine Age

10.22.19 – 10.24.19

Insights Association Corporate Researchers Conference

Keynote Speaker

10.03.19 – 10.04.19

Brandemonium International Branding & Marketing Conference Keynote Speaker

10.01.19 – 10.02.19

Hallmark Marketing Offsite

Keynote Speaker


Post-Doctoral Fellow, ​Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education

University of California, San Francisco Medical School


PhD​, Psychology

Northeastern University, Boston, MA


MA​, Psychology

Northeastern University, Boston, MA


BA​, Linguistics & Psychology 

Reed College, Portland, OR

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